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More Details - Aero SHIELD

Increase paint longevity.
Prevent paint damage from UV rays and fallout.
Eliminate waxing for up to 2 years

SHIELD, a 2-part paint protectant is a catalyzed, co-polymer that chemically binds to painted surfaces to create a deep, luscious shine, while also protecting painted surfaces for up to two years. The easy to apply protectant has been a detailing staple of sister company, International AERO Services, which has been cleaning multi-million dollar private aircraft for years. The application of SHIELD is a short and easy process that does not require buffers or other equipment to get premium results. After activating SHIELD when breaking the burst pack, simply apply small amounts to the included applicator, and work in a circular motion. Let the product sit for 30 minutes, and remove the excess with a plush microfiber towel. For best results, maintain the painted surface with AERO SHINE to keep the paintís unsurpassed luster, shine and protection.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wash vehicle using AERO SUDS: dry thoroughly. For vehicles with a rough finish due to fallout, prepare surface of vehicle using AERO GLIDE to smooth and remove surface contaminants. Follow mixing instructions for SHIELD on Burst Pack. Working in small sections, pour a half-dollar sized amount of SHIELD from the activated SHIELD pouch onto the applicator (may also be applied with a buffer). Apply SHIELD in circular motions on a cool paint surface. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Repeat this process in small sections until the entire car is covered with SHIELD. Let sit for 30 minutes. Using a plush microfiber cloth, easily remove product off of the paint.

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